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New Patient Gowns, Robes & Pajamas from Fashion Seal Healthcare

New Patient Apparel

Superior Uniform Group, Inc.® announced new styles and prints from their signature brand Fashion Seal Healthcare® including patient gowns, robes, adult sleepwear and infant gowns.
Healthcare uniforms which identify employees for patient safety

The Uniform Solution

Patient Safety Awareness Week was March 3-9, 2013, but should remain a focus year-round. Most relate this week of recognition to slip-and-falls, but patient safety can also be directly affected by the uniforms worn by healthcare employees and their patients. Healthcare laundries can help to keep patients within their client facilities protected by educating the facility personnel on the advantages of a branded uniform program.
Reusable Isolation Gown #506 by Fashion Seal Healthcare

Get the Advantage

Medical textiles are one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the textile market. This includes such product categories as precaution gowns, patient gowns, laboratory coats and scrubs. The rising need for medical textiles reflects an aging population, longer life spans, more Americans gaining access to healthcare and more advanced healthcare procedures. Healthcare facilities need cost effective textile supplies to reduce operating costs, which are increasing due to the influx of patients, an unpredictable economy and reduced Medicare assistance. A comparison of reusable vs.

NEW Patient

Enjoy the new look of patient comfort.  View the new patient apparel catalog now or get your copy of this new edition by emailing us or calling 1-800-727-8643. New styles and prints from Fashion Seal Healthcare include patient gowns, robes, and adult and children's sleepwear.

New Lab Coats

New Lab Coats

Staying true to Superior Uniform Group’s commitment of offering quality garments packed full of design features, our new lab coat catalog includes lab coat options with pockets specifically designed for  technology devices.  The wearer will be able to conveniently keep their iPad, cell phone and pager at their fingertips while maintaining a professional look. 
Scott Delin TRSA healthcare

Scott Delin

SEMINOLE, Florida – October 23, 2012 – Superior Uniform Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGC), designer and manufacturer of uniforms, image apparel and uniform accessories, announced the installation of Scott Delin as a member of the Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA) Board of Directors.  Nominated and approved by his peers at TRSA’s annual conference held in Chicago October 14-17, Delin will serve a three-year term representing the soft goods category.
Featured Panelists for the 100th Annual Meeting & Fall Conference for NELA --ALT


Alan Schwartz, president, Superior Uniform Group, was a featured panelist during the NELA 100th Anniversary Meeting
The NorthEast Laundry Association (NELA), which represents the textile supply and service companies in New England, hosted its 100th Annual Meeting & Fall Conference here Sept. 21-23.
custom uniform embroidery

Think Pink

Adding embroidery is a visual (and economical) way to show support for a cause, or to promote logo/employee identification, slogans, branding, a milestone, a product launch or a special event.  View ideas here.  Remember, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but you can show your support year-round. 

Protect Your Employees

I’m in and out of the Lehigh Valley Airport in Allentown, PA so frequently that it seems like my car could drive itself.  I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t even remember anything from along the way.  This happens a lot with frequent or familiar routines – we tend to focus on the end result or destination, without really focusing on the details.   
TRSA logo

Superior Uniform Group Veteran

At a luncheon meeting on March 27, during the March 26-28 TRSA Leadership & Legislative Conference, it was reported that committee members elected Scott Delin, Superior Uniform Group, to serve on the Board of Directors.  Scott will serve as an Associate member representative in the “Soft Goods” category.  He holds the position of Senior National Healthcare Market Executive for Superior, representing the Fashion Seal Healthcare brand.